Drift Ghost-S



Long battery life, strong video quality, and an incredible across the board configuration make the Drift Ghost-S extreme to beat. The waterproof Drift Ghost-S gives you a considerable measure of activity cam for your $399, with an inherent 2-inch LCD and Wi-Fi; a decent heap of embellishments including a remote; and a long battery life. You likewise get an expansive arrangement of shooting alternatives for ordinary and fast video.

The back incubates, covering the battery and microSD card space in addition to other things, is difficult to expel. Likewise, the menu framework, while straightforward, can be an agony to explore.

Features and specs

The Ghost-S utilizes indistinguishable plan from the HD Ghost. The camera estimates 1.3 inches wide by 2 inches high by 4.1 inches down and weighs 5.9 ounces. Tied to the side of a cap or match of goggles, you won’t actually overlook it’s there, yet it’s not excessively huge, either.

The shot formed body is waterproof down to 9 feet (a waterproof lodging is accessible so you can bring it down to 196 feet) with an inherent Gorilla Glass-ensured 2-inch LCD on the correct side (or best contingent upon how it’s mounted) and a level, wide-edge focal point with a 160-degree edge of view that can be pivoted up to 300 degrees.

Despite the fact that Drift has a determination of mounts that utilization a brisk associate clasp, the clasp connects to the camera by means of a standard 1/4-inch tripod mount. That implies you have a lot of mounting choices outside of what Drift offers, including GoPro mounts.

Unscrew the back bring forth (which is less demanding said than done), and you’ll locate an outer mic jack, a Micro-SDXC card space supporting cards of limits up to 64GB, Mini-USB and Mini-HDMI ports, and a battery sufficiently huge to supply up to 3.5 long periods of chronicle time shooting at 1080p at 30 outlines for each second (fps)- – or much more on the off chance that you catch at lessened goals.

It’s everything of these things joined – the long-life removable battery, turning focal point, tripod mount, worked in LCD, waterproofing – that make the Ghost-S the best decision in the class

The camera can blast shoot stills at 10fps at a 12-megapixel goal and in addition all the while catching 8-megapixel photographs while recording video. Sadly, they’re in a 4:3 angle proportion as opposed to 16:9, so you’ll need to do some editing on the off chance that you need to utilize them in your HD recordings and keep everything widescreen. The Ghost-S can do time-slip by photography too, with settings for shots at interims extending from every 0.5 seconds as far as possible up to like clockwork

In general, I’d put the video quality a stage beneath the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition, however unquestionably the absolute best recordings I’ve seen for the class.

Video quality is enhanced from the Drift HD Ghost, particularly with regards to detail. Everything looks crisper, and I saw fewer antiquities when utilizing the camera’s high-piece rate setting. Utilizing that setting will eat into the battery life and the records go through more stockpiling, yet it merits utilizing in the event that you intend to see the video everywhere sizes.

Sound quality is fine, yet for activity recordings, you’re likely going to need to kill the mic at any rate, or you’ll be catching a great deal of wind commotion. For still subjects, the implicit mic completed a good employment, and it offers three dimensions of affectability alteration. Also, you can generally specifically plug in a superior outside mic, which you can’t do with numerous different cameras.


I enjoyed the HD Ghost, and the Ghost-S is essentially that camera with enhanced battery life and execution, all the more shooting choices, better Wi-Fi, and more pleasant looking video. Could you ask for anything better about that?


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