Samsung Revealed Something HUGE – Smartphone With Folding Screen:


We had been waiting for several years for Samsung to announce the rumored folding screen that is supposedly the future of mobile telephony. And finally, recently, Samsung confirmed the existence of the device.

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Display:

Despite the fact that other competitors have already launched phones with a folding screen, we all expected the moment in which Samsung did it. They have taken the lead in screen technology in general. And not only did they show a prototype screen, but they showed their first folding phone, a lot like the patents that had been published in recent months and whose name is still unknown.



The new screen called Infinity Flex Display is incorporated into a prototype phone presented during the Samsung developer conference. Although they did not show all the capabilities of the phone, they gave a good preview of what is coming with the Samsung Galaxy X.

It is a flexible AMOLED screen with Dual Edge and Infinity Display (all these Samsung technologies incorporated into the phones of the Galaxy line) which presented a new challenge: the power to fold the screen without degrading. To solve the problem, they incorporated a flexible adhesive and reduced the thickness of one of the layers of the screen by 45 percent.

Justin Denison, Head of Product Marketing at Samsung presented the prototype phone in his own hands. We saw that when the screen is open it has a measurement of 7.3 inches and you can use it as if it were a small tablet. And when you close it, the phone presents another screen on the outside which allows you to use it as a phone.

But since the integration between hardware and software is increasingly necessary, especially when it comes to consumer products, none of these advances would be of much use if the software is not updated so you can take full advantage of the new capabilities of the screen. For this reason, a Google spokesman said during the conference that Android has committed to support the “flexible phone.”

Some of the advances we saw with the Samsung platform for Android, is the ability to view several applications on the screen at the same time and the fact of having “continuity in the application” (app continuity in English) so that When you open or close the phone, the platform does not take you out of the application you were working on and you must reopen it.


Name and Date of Release:

Recently, a report published by the Yonhap News Agency located in South Korea revealed some important details of Samsung’s new folding phone. Samsung will officially present in March 2019, a little later than the launch of the next Galaxy S phone, the most emblematic of Samsung.

Undoubtedly, we have seen great advances in this technology today, and there is still much to discover. In the words of Samsung, Infinity Flex Display is “the basis of tomorrow’s phone.”

For now, the good news is that the company will begin to massively manufacture the screen in the coming months so the arrival of the folding phone could be around the corner.


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