Vivo: The First Mobile with 10GB of RAM:


Whenever we hear rumors of the mobile phones that will arrive in the future, we must be cautious. Many of them are based on interested leaks of the manufacturers themselves and serve more to create expectations than to offer a real image of what will end up being.

On the other hand, what can now seem very powerful and surprising, at the time of its presentation may be the usual. That said, here we leave you the rumors of the future Vivo XPlay 7 which would arrive at the end of the year.

It is not the first time we heard about this device. Already in October of last year, his name and some images were leaked. This is the renewal of the Vivo XPlay 6, a flagship presented two years ago and which already incorporated top-level specifications. With this Vivo XPlay 7, the Chinese manufacturer would want to capture all eyes again and is that although its terminals are usually not the best known, it has managed to place in the top 6 worldwide.

The Possible Characteristics of the Vivo XPlay 7:

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The first thing that stands out is its OLED screen that would arrive with 4K resolution. It is a panel that has also been rumored for the next Sony Xperia XZ Pro. In addition to the advantages of this type of panels, we would have the fingerprint reader integrated into the screen, as it has already been shown in the mobile of the same company.

We would also have a screen ratio of 92.9%, a very high number and that everything indicates that by the date may not be the only one to reach it.

After offering the first mobile with 6GB, they want to do the same with the Vivo XPlay 7 and its 10GB of RAM.

Inside you would find a Snapdragon 845 next to, attention, 10GB of RAM. The Vivo XPlay 6 offered 6GB, but in early 2016 the Vivo XPlay 5 was the first to offer 6GB so we would not be surprised if it went back to betting on an excessive amount of RAM.

An Authentic Beast that we Will Soon See:

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There is no data on the battery but the storage would also be surprising since there is the talk of 256GB and 512GB of storage. We know that Samsung has started manufacturing new 512GB eUFS memories so it may not be so outlandish.

At the security level, it would have advanced face recognition to complement the fingerprint reader and for the photographic section.

It would bet on a camera with Sony sensor and 4X optical zoom, something that is not even expected for the Galaxy S9. Of course, this does not imply that this camera is of a higher level, but it does show that it will incorporate the latest technology.

OLED 4K screen, 512GB, the camera with 4X optical zoom – Specifications that are difficult to believe now but perhaps less surprising at the end of the year.

It is still early to give more detail of this Vive XPlay 7 but we are surely keeping eyes on the official updates by Vivo as we very curious since its specifications are the most striking.


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