Apeman A80 Action Camera Review


The Apeman A80 Action camera landed in an all-around marked box. Inside was an advantageous conveying case which encased all parts of the camera and embellishments in perfect minimal delicate froth pockets for every accomplice to shield it from falling all together and getting focal points scratched or scrambled. It additionally included two batteries, which is basic for me. I abhor coming up short on battery and nothing to supplant it with! End of fun videoing!

The extras comprised of connectors to attach the camera to a knapsack, bike, (tripod excluded), and 2 other sticky mounts which could be utilized for a dashcam or wherever you should need to put it. There were likewise 2 additional sticky cushions in the event that you needed to move amount to an alternate area.


The camera itself is little, 2x3x2 creeps in size. Exceptionally lightweight, and I thought about whether it was extremely going to accept great pictures and in addition have the capacity to make great move shots.

The camera can be utilized in three distinctive routes: alone; with the waterproof case; or the vented entryway (or residue cover) case. When utilizing the waterproof case, it has a security bolt with the goal that it doesn’t inadvertently pop open. To transform from the waterproof cover to the vented entryway, it is a simple speedy snap trade of the back entryway. The part before the focal point is anything but difficult to clean, which was great, as it appeared to be entirely simple to get it smirched with my fingers since it is such a little camera.

The nature of photographs was great, however, could turn into a little dim where there was a glare from the sun. Pictures were not grainy but rather had pleasant shading and tone. On the off chance that the image was excessively close up, however, the external edges were all the more fundamentally bent with a slight fisheye impact, yet I imagine that will be normal with a little activity camera, for example, this sort.

After testing, it could be seen that with recordings with simply the camera, next with the defensive residue cover, and after that with the waterproof cover.

All took great clear recordings, yet for close-up zoom, the image quality ended up grainy.

Utilizing the video without the case, you can obviously hear all sound in the encompassing territory. Utilizing the vented entryway case, which vents to the back with two cuts, sound from the front of the camera were to some degree stifled, however, sound from behind the camera was fairly clear. The completely encased waterproof cover makes it so that for all intents and purposes no encompassing sound is heard, aside from when you knock or rub the cover.

All things considered, I wouldn’t consider this a “top-notch” camera, however more like an affordable rendition, yet superbly reasonable for regular events, for example, swimming, activity recordings, recordings of your children playing, and so forth. This makes it an affordable camera.


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