YI 4K Action Camera’s review:


YI 4K is an action camcorder with an abundance of innovative and exceptional features. It offers excellent and unparalleled quality of video and a very affordable price that makes it a reasonable choice for the people without any doubt.

Additionally, The YI 4K Action Camera is a quite extraordinary camera for the money that it is available for. The value for price is really high. The cam offers an enormous list of features as well as performance quirks that are not only innovative and effective but also easy-to-use.

The camera offers a very long battery life compared to the miniature size of it, ensuring its light weighted structure at the same time. A touchscreen offers a complete control over the camcorder making it easy for you to use it alongside high-speed Wi-Fi enabling it to secure a connection with your cell phone allowing your phone to control it through a mobile phone app. App handles shooting, editing and sharing. YI continues to add features through firmware updates. However, you’ll need to buy accessories such as waterproof cases to ensure its use in rainy circumstances. The YI uses Gorilla Glass which is although touchscreen but it’s not shatterproof. The microSD card slot is also relatively little harder to access.

The YI 4K Action Cam kicks the stick ideal out from under that elderly camera by utilizing the most up to date forms of the tech found in the Hero4, including an ‘Ambar Ella’ A9SE75 chipset, a Sony IMX377 picture sensor and a rapid Broadcom BCM43340 double band Wi-Fi module.

These specs convert into a camera that has indistinguishable shooting alternatives from the Hero4 Black, for example, recording high-piece rate 4K-goals video at 30 outlines for each second (fps), 1080p at 120fps and 720p at 240fps, yet it runs cooler and has better battery life. The execution is so much better that YI even put a touchscreen on the back – something accessible for the Hero4 Black as a connection or on the progression down Silver model.

In addition, the YI 4K is $250 (generally AU$330 or £230), around a large portion of the cost of Hero4 Black, which is as yet moving on GoPro’s site for its unique $500 (however Amazon has it for about $70 less). Having the top of the line segments doesn’t ensure incredible execution, however, on account of the YI 4K, the outcome is a phenomenal little camera and a lower-cost substitute for a GoPro Hero4.

YI has kept on issuing firmware refreshes for the camera, also, enhancing execution and including shooting alternatives. This incorporates a level shading setting for less demanding shading changes when altering and a “Ultra” goals setting that, similar to GoPro’s Super View setting, take a 4:3 viewpoint proportion video and carefully extends it to 16:9 to get to a greater degree a scene start to finish in your shot.

Shockingly, what it doesn’t right for is the measure of chromatic abnormality (purple bordering) around high-differentiate subjects. With its pros and cons, it still makes it to the top of the list.


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